tips and things to consider when setting up your workspace

Radical Mutual-Improvement posted an exercise designed to help you set up your workspace. What I took away:

A few factors to consider might include:

  1. Time. Spend two whole days setting this space up. By giving it a good chunk of time you will give it the energy it deserves, while also not letting the task of it burden you too much.
  2. Space. Make sure that this space is entirely your own, not shared.
  3. An inbox… something that can hold items that need to be processed.
  4. A trash can.
  5. A calendar for time-centric tasks.
  6. An open space, paper, pens, a whiteboard maybe, for note-taking.
  7. A filing system and label maker.

But what does that mean? What does your workspace say about you?

You can tell two things from a person’s environment:

  1. How a person wants to be
  2. How a person actually is

Isn’t that weird? Actually, it’s not that weird if you think about it. We are a constantly shifting picture between who we want to be and who we are… and because of the two-way nature of our physical working environments, a close eye can catch pieces of both of our selves as they battle, compromise, convince, and betray each other over time. An environment that is deliberately and wisely set up will be a greatly helpful to the half of you that is the vision of your best self.

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