Tips for Driving in Mexico

Trans-America Journey has a great post with some tips on car trips in Mexico. I didn’t see anything here about safety, but there are some good points.

I would have added some info from the US Consulate in Mexico for information on taking your car into Mexico, etc. I might have mentioned don’t drive at night, stay on main roads, check in frequently, and let people know where you’re going. I also might add ‘DON’T GO unless you have to.”

But for those making the trip for the very first time, this is what was covered in the Trans-America post:

  • Fuel is cheaper in Mexico than it is in the US
  • There is only one gas station chain in Mexico
  • All gas stations are full service in Mexico
  • You can use a GPS in Mexico–sort of
  • Better yet, buy a Guia Roji
  • Pay  Highway vs. Free Roads
  • The Green Angels make AAA look like a racket
  • Topes are a bitch
  • Hoy no circula!
  • Shakedown breakdown
  • Mexicans are not bad drivers (they just have some wacky habits)
  • Not all Mexican auto insurance is created equal
  • You can’t beat a Mexican car wash


Author: Paloma Cruz

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