tips on Getting the Most From a Freelance Writer

Houston’s IABC Web site has a very useful list of tips to help you in Getting the Most From a Freelance Writer. A short version:

  1. Ask for recommendations and references
  2. Expect a clear estimate Hourly rates are nice, but they don’t tell you what to put in the budget. Ask the writer to include details in the estimate.
  3. Be specific about what you want Remember, the writer is an outsider. She doesn’t know your communication objectives. Take the time to tell her.
  4. Put the writer in touch with those who will approve the copy
  5. Clear the way for interviews
  6. Sit in on interviews
  7. Make time Using a freelancer can save you a lot of time—but only if you’re willing to invest a little, too.
  8. Be direct about revisions
  9. Let her edit the changes that others make
  10. Evaluate her work—and communicate with her When the project’s over, it’s not quite over.

For additional details, read the article.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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