tired of apartment living

I’m a month away from needing to sign my new lease, or rather from having my lease expire. I don’t want to sign a new one. I haven’t started looking for a new place to live.

The apartment upstairs is leased to an older couple, their daughter and her little girl. Who actually lives there are the daughter, her hoodlum boyfriend and her over-exuberant little girl.

When they had a superbowl party that had them jumping up and down so much that the glasses in by cupboards were clinking, I went upstairs to complain. They didn’t apologize and they didn’t stop. When I had to go upstairs at 11 p.m. because the little girl was exercising by running from one side of the apartment to another (I could make out her little patter, amongst the BOOM BOOM when she jumped off something) they told me she was asleep. And the noise continues.

I’ve complained to the apartment complex. At the first few times it was recommended that I try to work something out with the neighbors before complaining officially. Then, when it got to the point where we had to complain, we were told they would take care of it. And still it continues.

I don’t want to look for somewhere to live. I don’t want to change apartments. Mom likes this one, mostly. But we can sometimes smell the smoke from the apartment upstairs (they are all smokers). And the noise gets annoying. And it’s much too small.

Tomorrow I have to go and pay the rent. I will take that opportunity to talk to the apartment manager about my options in renewing my lease… or not renewing it, as the case may be.

The truth of it is that I don’t want to have to deal with this right now. On top of having to look for a job and still dealing with the death of my father, I don’t need this.

Maybe I can get a three or six month lease to give me some time to look for another apartment. Maybe that will work.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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