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One of the many things I do via my blogs is keep track of the things I found interesting. Here are the LifeHacker posts I don’t want to lose:

Why it’s time to slow down

Author Barry Schwartz and journalist Carlos Honoré told technology conference-goers in the UK that “they should unplug and slow down in a world that was stuck in fast-forward.”

Defeat writerisms

Writer C.J. Cherryh publishes a list of “writing sins” to avoid, like passive voice, flowery language, and dead boring verbs.

Build your own home projector

How to do what you’re paid to do

Not many folks spend their work days doing only what they were hired to do, but productivity blogger Bert Webb says focusing on your primary job responsibilities – what you’re paid to do – is the best way to be effective at work…

Technical Powerpoint presentation tips

Programmer Eric Lippert offers good advice for Powerpoint presenters discussing technical topics

How to find your dream job

Fast Company publishes advice from four accomplished people on how they came into their dream job, including New York restauranteer Tom Colicchio and EVP of Major League Baseball Tim Brosnan, whose bit I liked the most…

Five-ingredient recipes

About.com’s Busy Cooks section offers an extensive list of recipes that involve 5 ingredients or less. Haven’t tried any of these myself – and foodies might stick forks in their eyes at some of the suggestions – but I do see a Salmon Pesto roll in my future.

How to beat writer’s block

Serial blogger D. Keith Robinson’s got some good common sense tips for overcoming writer’s block. I especially like the “write something by hand” advice – nothing helps me move on more than stepping away from the computer and picking up a pen and pad to get started on a writing assignment.

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