Today’s diet report — October 19

11:30 AM — I am glad (sad) to report that this weekend’s indulgences resulted in a one-pound increase. Overall, not bad. I’m not sure if it was the overkill on breakfast or the sodium at the movie theater. I don’t like seeing the scale go in the opposite direction, but I knew it was going to happen, so it’s not unexpected.

I took my pills, mostly to use them up, and waited the appropriate time before I had a banana and tea for breakfast. I had half an apple and a cube of cheese as a snack mid-morning.

3:00 PM — lunch was eaten at my desk, Weight Watchers chicken enchiladas frozen dinner. Eating lunch at my desk is not fun.

Mid-afternoon I had a snack of half an apple and a handful of almonds. I was really hungry for some reason.

8:00 PM — I made a sausage/vegetable stir fry with a toasted English muffin. My new favorite thing is diet root beer, and I indulged in two. After dinner I had another handful of almonds.

I know I went over my calorie count today, but I stayed on course otherwise. Will see tomorrow what the scale reads.

Intend on going walking in the morning. Let’s see if it happens.

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