Today’s diet report — October 20

9:00 AM — woke up very early and went walking in the park. I hate waking up early, but enjoy the walk. Honestly, it’s my only exercise.

I started the day early enough that I had fruit and cottage cheese for breakfast, with some herbal tea. A good start to the day.

Mid-morning snack was a banana and some sharp cheddar cheese. Looked at calorie count, and thanks to the walk I have lots of wiggle room today.

1:00 PM — lunch was eaten at my desk, again. A frozen lasagna meal from Weight Watchers and half an apple. Not a lot of fun, but satisfying and filling.

9:00 PM — dinner was a ham and cheese sandwich paired with a spinach salad. I should have passed on the sandwich, I know, but it was yummy.

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Author: Paloma Cruz

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