Today’s diet report — September 28

8:00 AM — remembered to take my pills today and weigh in. the scale surprised me. I gained weight over yesterday. Was it the cake? Anyway, there won’t be breakfast today. I have to wait two or three hours before I have anything to eat. By then, I’ll be deep into my first meeting of a daylong schedule of meetings. I’ll be lucky to get lunch today.

1:39 PM — stopped by Subway to pick up a sandwich on my way back into the office. A sweet onion chicken terayaki sub on Italian bread, without cheese or mayo. No chips, no soda.

8:00 PM — I picked up a salad from the local Souper Salad on my way home. As you can tell, I still haven’t been to the groceries to buy real food, and I really don’t keep a lot of food in the house these days. A salad to go from the salad bar usually lasts me two days. So I’ll probably be having a salad tomorrow too.

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