Today’s diet report — September 29

9:00 AM — the unfortunate truth is that I am a stress eater. I realize and accept this. On days like today I want comfort food. I have a high-stress day, which means that it’s 9 am and I already want a handful of the muffins on the refreshment table. It’s not a question of whether or not I am going to have a muffin, but how many it will be. Of course, no breakfast today, which just makes things worse.

2 PM — after the stress of the day, lunch was a parrillada at Taquería Arandas. I ate the rice and beans, plus two corn tortilla tacos with mixed meat. Very tasty, but I ended up with a lot of leftovers. It was a heavy lunch, but not what I really wanted: a couple of shrimp quesadillas and a large order of fries. But this seemed better overall.

8:00 PM — I had the rest of yesterday’s salad for dinner and resisted the impulse to reheat the fajitas and eat them as well. But my brain keeps telling me that I’m still hungry. I want to eat more. I want rolls and fries and things covered in cheese. But I won’t have them. I am determined not to have them.

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