Today’s diet report — September 30

9:30 AM — I actually had my pills early enough that I was able to eat breakfast today… sort of. I had what I call a cinnamon tea — hot water, a dash of cinnamon, fat-free creamer, and sweetener. Add in some Melba Toast, and you’ve got my breakfast. Pathetic, but better than yesterday.

1:00 PM — I had chicken crepes for lunch today, at the Junior League. It was one if those recurring, monthly appointments that I try to keep every month and cancel more often than I should. I’ve always found lunching at the Junior League to be one of those experiences you can’t describe adequately. You just have to go at least once.

8:00 PM — I had an after work seminar that derailed any progress I’ve made this week. Two brownies, two sandwiches, and iced tea (yes, with caffeine). I will pay for this, I know.

I’m beginning to think I need real help with my goals. I won’t start to freak out until I am 12 months from deadline, but that’s not that far away. And, in the meanwhile, I sm disappointing myself every say.

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