too much to say

I have a month’s worth of things to talk about. I barely know where to start.

My uncle died of a heart attack on his 49th birthday on June 12, 2000. The tragedy of his death aside, there are now loads of issues that have to be dealt with because of it. My uncle used to be my father’s partner, once upon a time. And he had some financial obligations towards my father that we know see aren’t going to be met by his wife. Family tragedy creates family feud.

I worked like a dog to help pull off the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Conference 2000, at which Governor Bush was the kickoff event speaker. I even met some secret service guys. They were cute in that I’m-never-going-to-trust-you way.

I finally put my money where my mouth is and invested some money in getting this freelance web designer thing of my off the ground. I have my first client. And a graphic designer friend of mine has proposed a partnership of sorts where we would collaborate on jobs, which is good because he’s got more work than he know what to do with.

And I gained 10 pounds. {{ smile, the last part was for effect, though true }}

I have so much to tell you and I don’t want to gloss over the events and miss the important parts. So I’ve decided that I’m going to send out my words as I finish them. So don’t expect them in chronological order.

I will say right now que no estoy de luto. My branch of the family doesn’t believe in the old customs of mourning, and we will not be wearing black for a year and doing without music and entertainment. I don’t know if my aunt will wear luto, but we aren’t. Gratefully, we aren’t en el pueblito, so we won’t be available to criticize.

Today, however, none of the events of the past month are important. My desire to branch out into my own business and the funeral and the conference are all insignificant. Even the weight gain isn’t important today. What’s important today is PMS.

I get one day of PMS a month, where I feel miserable and bloated and I want chocolate more than my next breath. Then I get one really bad day of my period, the first day, when I have cramps and migraines and all that lovely stuff. And during these two days I’m pretty much cranky and bitchy and I don’t want to do anything that requires thought or motion.

And I’m at work.

Yes, I’ve been eating candy and soda all day. Caffeine is lovely right now. Yes, I’ve been goofing off today and expect to get even less done tomorrow. I do, however, have to look busy. That’s why you’re getting an update.

Hasta la próxima, gente!

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