Um… who are you?

facebookOh, look, Juan Gonzalez (fake name) sent me some information about a community fundraiser to help this nice old lady keep her home. That’s not right, we shouldn’t be evicting little old ladies from their homes. I should think about giving her some money.

Wait, who is Juan Gonzalez? Are we friends?

I’ve checked Facebook and it looks like we’re friends there, but I don’t remember his name at all. I will look at his “about” section to see where we might have come into contact.

Oh, the only info there is his name, that he’s from Houston… and that’s it. It lists his schools, none of which I’ve attended. Even his email address is the generic Facebook email address.

How exactly are we friends?

Ok, looks like we have 200 friends in common. I click through to that list and realize I remember most of them, it’s just him that’s a blank.

The message he sent me, with a link to a donation site, tells me he’d appreciate my help in this and in getting the word out. I click through to the donation page and all it says is “thanks for your help, these are the suggested donation amounts.” Where does it tell me why I should donate money to a stranger? He didn’t tell me. I don’t know the name of the person it’s supposed to benefit. I apparently don’t know him.

Oh, yikes! On second thought, I don’t think I’ll be giving money to this complete stranger upon the request of another complete stranger. And maybe it’s time to clean out my Facebook friends list.

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