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A friend of mine recently threatened to update her resume and start looking for a new job. One of the reasons we’re such good friends is that we’re very much alike. One of the things we have in common is that we both hate to look for a job.

She’s been with her current employer for approximately five years. I’ve been in my current position for a litte over two and a half years. Neither of us enjoyed the last job-seeking round.

Bloggeropoly’s Arieanna Foley recommends that you always keep your resume up to date.

Whether you have a job or are looking, there are many reasons to keep it up to date. Keep it revising every 3-4 months. These tips apply not just to your online resume or your “services” section of your site/blog, but also to your plain, old fashioned paper resume. As tedious as that may sound.

I’m not looking, but perhaps it’s time to actually update my resume. I haven’t touched it since I started my current position and there’s quite a bit to add.

Blogging expertise isn’t anywhere on my most current resume… Hmmm… perhaps I don’t enough to put it there now either. Something to think about.

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