using Google sitemaps

Are you using Google sitemaps yet?

No? Here’s one reason why you should consider beginning:

Question #2: What exactly does a Google Sitemap do?

Answer #2: Well here it is… any time you add new content to your site or your blog, you’re going to want Google to include the most up-to-date version in its listings. In the past, this meant waiting for Google to index your site all over again… but since Google runs on its own agenda that could be next week… or next month… or next year. You never knew and it was extremely frustrating.

But finally Google has solved this problem with Google Sitemaps!

By using Sitemaps you can proactively tell Google every time you update your site so Google knows exactly when they need to come back and reindex it. And best of all, it’s free!

Think of it as sending Google an invitation to visit your site every time you change it and add new information. This is particularly useful for blogs or other newsy web sites that are updated regularly.

Very cool.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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