vodcasting goes commercial

I don’t own an iPod and wouldn’t know how to make a podcast or a vodcast, but I know that as a marketer I need to learn. It seems that the networks are thinking the same thing:

TPT ‘vodcasts’ up publicity, portability and viewing public

— reported by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal

After broadcasting locally for nearly 50 years, TPT is expanding its reach and increasing its appeal to younger adults with a new technology: video podcasting.

Video podcasting is an automated method to download video files onto personal computers or digital portable media players, such as Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod. Owners of such devices can then play back the programs at their convenience.

TPT is an early adopter of the medium in the public-television world, but it’s also one of the first entities in Minnesota to use the technology.

While TPT’s primary goal is to use podcasting to expose more people to its content, executives say the tool also could help the organization expand its membership base and increase its funding pool. Several of TPT’s podcasts today prompt viewers to visit the organization’s Web site and show their support.


OK. I definitely need to learn this this year.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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