voting will be easier… sort of

4 of 5 registered voters expected to use newer machines this year
Study says while old systems were prone to error, a lack of familiarity could be a problem

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Fewer voters will cast their ballots by punching a card or pulling a lever in this November’s elections as the country continues to turn to newer, electronic machines, according to a study released Monday.

While the study says old systems that were prone to error are on their way out, experts also note that means many Americans will be voting on unfamiliar equipment this fall.

At least four out of five registered voters will use the newer generation of machines — either ATM-style touchscreen machines or ones that ask voters to fill in the blanks, a vast change from the contested 2000 presidential election that spurred states and Congress to push for improved equipment.


Does this mean that results will be more reliable? Inquiring minds want to know.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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