Waller County may impact HISD bond

Pitfall lurking as foes target bonds?
Legal success in Waller County may have ripple effect on HISD

— Houston Chronicle2

A legal battle in Waller County over a $49.3 million school bond
continues to threaten construction projects and has left some wondering
whether the case will have a chilling effect on neighboring districts
that also have contested bond elections.

Despite voters approving the Waller Independent School District
measure this spring and a judge declaring the election legal earlier
this month, the Texas Attorney General’s Office says the money won’t be
distributed until the plaintiffs exhaust their appeals — illustrating
how a small group of critics can jeopardize school construction.


Critics of Waller’s bond are upset that a black neighborhood school
would receive only $270,000 for repairs, less than 1 percent of the
bond. They also say they will help lobby against the controversial $805
million bond that the Houston Independent School District is asking
voters to approve Nov. 6.

None of the vocal opponents to the Houston bond has committed to filing a lawsuit, but they’re not ruling it out either.


2 = article may expire after a few weeks

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