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As someone who is always looking for an energy boost, I found this tip interesting: get a hobby. At least that’s what Life is a Journal recommends. In the recent post “5 Reasons Why Hobbies are Important” number 2 is that it Energizes your life. (Found via Lifehacker.)

If you find yourself falling through your front door after a hard day’s slog and slumping in front of the television you may be surprised to know that you do in fact have some hidden energy left. I found when I was doing a live show on community radio, even after a hard day at the office, I was able to find the energy to perform. The thought of doing the live show energized me. I got a “buzz” from doing it even though every other day of the week I would find myself not having the same energy. So if you think you are just too tired after work to do something with your spare time – if you find something you’re passionate about – you might be surprised by the energy you have.

I wonder if my blogging habit qualifies. Though, to be honest, I’ve never gotten an energy boost from it. It has, however, helped me decompress from my day.

Ririan Project gives us some great ways to boost energy with Give Yourself a Lift With These 27 Effective Power Tips. (Found via BNET.) The ones about food really caught my attention:

3. Breakfast like a king.

They don’t call it the most important meal of the day for nothing. A sensible breakfast will give you the boost you need each morning to last you through the whole day. Hey, if you don’t put gas in your car, it won’t run. Same goes for healthy meals in the morning. To stay full longer, try oats. Oats are full of fiber and low on the glycemic index which means that the sugar is released into your bloodstream slowly, keeping your energy levels constant. Oats are also packed with B vitamins, which lower stress and help convert carbohydrates into energy.

4. Avoid quick-fix foods.

Candy, chocolate, hamburgers, chicken wings, french fries, etc., all these foods are high in sugar or fat and can do a huge number on your energy levels. A quick fact: sugar puts you to sleep. It does not, as most people think, give you more energy. So cut out all those candies and chocolates, and start eating more fruits and vegetables.

5. Tea for me.

Drinking tea regularly every day has been found to increase one’s stamina. However, the type of tea you drink is very important. You should stay away from tea that comes in tea bags, because chances are these contain high levels of caffeine. Instead, buy some dried herbs from your local supermarket and boil some water with them. Natural herbal teas are healthier than the bagged ones. A combination of Siberian Ginseng extract, peppermint, and green tea is a great choice.

6. Supplement your body.

Energy is generated in each and every cell in the body through a chemical reaction, which combines fuel from food and oxygen. The catalysts that make these reactions happen are the vitamins and minerals in out diet. Supplementing our diet can boost energy levels and make up for any deficiencies. The most effective energy boosting nutrients include B complex vitamins and Co-enzyme Q10. Chromium supplements also help stabilize blood sugar levels.

7. Head for a bar.

No, not the type that serves beer, I’m talking about energy bars. Jam-packed with carbs, these bars are designed to provide fuel for a short-term energy boost. Just make sure you read the nutritional breakdown on the label, some of them can contain more fat and sugar than a regular chocolate bar.

8. Drink more water.

Again, sounds obvious, but we’re not drinking enough fluids. This helps you stay hydrated, curbs your desire for an unhealthy snack and keeps you from getting drowsy. If you’re stuck in a boring meeting and you feel yourself nodding off, a sip of water will help you regain your focus.

9. Eat lunch every day.

Too many of us think we’re too busy to stop for lunch and don’t recognize that the resultant midday slump will impact our productivity and attention span. It’s always important to supply your body with a regular input of nutrients. You don’t need to have a heavy meat and potatoes meal at noon every day, but make sure you eat something. And avoid eating while you work at your desk; take a break for lunch even if it’s only 20 minutes.

10. Snack more often.

And avoid big meals. Eating a lot in one sitting causes the blood to divert from your brain and to your digestive system. This can make you feel lethargic. Instead, try eating four or five smaller meals each day. An apple or yogurt are good choices for a quick pick-me-up. Steer clear of chocolate bars or sugary donuts. Although they create a quick boost in energy, your blood sugar levels will drop even faster afterward, and you’ll feel more tired than ever.

All worth a look. I almost never eat breakfast, always reach for quick fix foods and only recently discovered energy/protein bars. Drinking water is an ongoing challenge for someone who consumes soda religiously. All the tips make sense, especially the last: reduce your stress.


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