weather, water and the continuing rise of gas prices

A collection of article with relevant info on this topic…. isn’t that the theme for today’s posts? I think the newest are at the bottom of the list…

gas prices

  • Holiday travel, gas prices are up, up, away, reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11. 07/01/05… “Pack your patience if you’re hitting the highway this holiday weekend because eight out of every 10 travelers will drive… Expect a record number of fellow travelers as well as higher prices for gasoline compared to a year ago.
  • AAA: Texas Gas Prices Remain At Near-Record Levels, reported by “The weekly AAA Texas gas price survey released Friday finds the average price of regular unleaded self-serve vitually unchanged at almost $2.13 per gallon. That’s about a nickel short of the record price and up about 31 cents from last year.
  • Storm drives crude rally — As Cindy hits the Gulf Coast, analyst says hurricane season anxiety is factor, reported by the Houston Chronicle. “Tropical Storm Cindy isn’t expected to significantly disrupt supply or do any damage, but general anxiety about the hurricane season is still ‘causing a little bit of pressure in the market,’ said oil analyst Carl Larry at Barclays Capital in New York.

weather, hurricanes and our good luck so far


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