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Vertical Response gives us 5 Basics for Climbing the Search Engine Ladder that are touted as “EASY, QUICK and FREE.” They are: reciprocal linking, keyword analysis, keyword density, clean code and attention to the title tag.

The Blog Herald has some good tips on improving your blog. Tips to get more comments, and tips to make a good first impression. Worth a look.

The New York Times asks the question: Can Blogs Become a Big Source of Jobs? The answer they give isn’t very good. Yes, you can make a living off blogs. But finding a job takes an unconventional approach.

If you have time online, catch AOL Latino’s newest project: Fashionista. From a story in Advertising Age: “This is the first time we’re mixing video with voting and social networking, so we expect a lot of traffic,” said Mark Lopez, publisher of AOL Latino.


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