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Annoying as it is to be forced to come in to work on a weekend to meet an impossible deadline, it’s really annoying when it’s to work on a project that you never wanted. So here I am, early on a Saturday, at work in jeans and a tee shirt, trying hard not to remind myself that this is the project I didn’t want to do to begin with. {{sigh}} I’m not having much luck with that.

What do you do when your boss asks you to do something you’re not sure is… well… legal? Well, maybe it’s legal. Ethical? Acceptable? Okay? I’m not quite sure how I’d phrase it. Just something that makes you pretty certain that, if scrutinized, would not look good? Something that makes you uneasy from beginning to end?

And I’m not talking sexual harassment or fraud or anything like that. I’m talking about something that could become a black mark on my professional history, his professional history and that or our employer.

{{Public scrutiny is a dangerous thing and paranoia is good.}}

When I was in college, one of my urban reporting professors had us read Manufacturing Consent, and I was… disturbed, for lack of a better word. It seemed like such a cynical view of the world, even with my personal experience of the impossibility of a free press in Mexico. Even when I worked in advertising and public relations, I never saw any real indication that that view was based at all on reality. It wasn’t until I came to work in media relations that I saw where that point of view comes from.

I like to joke with my family that if I come in one day and one of the higher-ups doesn’t like my shoes, I’ll be out of the office before the end of the day. It’s probably not true, but that’s how easy it would be to get rid of me. On top of the fact that Texas is an at-will employment state, I am in the most precarious of positions in City employment: executive level. That means that I work until they say otherwise, and then I’m gone. No reason needed, no notice required, and no recourse allowed.

Exactly how does that equate to being able to refuse to work on a project I’m not even sure is outside the realm of my job?

Well, maybe that’s not something I need to be thinking about, alone in the office. I’ll be like Scarlet… tomorrow is another day.

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