what I want

I’m sick and tired of working weekends. I’ve worked every weekend for a month now and I want it to end. What I need is a new job.

{{grumble, grumble, grumble}}

I let my boss know that tomorrow I am not going to come in to work. And I did that today. There are six professionals in my division, three of us were in today, on a Saturday. One other was covering the BIG BOSS at an event and two actually stayed away from work. Or at last I think they did.

Yesterday, during the staff meeting, my boss let us know that we should expect to have to put in longer hours and have to go into war-room mentality – everything is going to happen fast and furious. Needless to say, that statement did not go well, and not just with me. Everyone is putting in long hours already. We are working standard 10-12 hour days with frequent weekends and evening events. That they expect us to give more is ridiculous.

I want out.

I want a less demanding work life so I can get a personal life.

I want to have time to develop a relationship with someone, casual or serious. At this point, I’m not going to be choosy. I’m not in the market for a husband {{shudder}} all I want is companionship.

I want someone who’ll go to the movies with me, entertain me, divert my attention from my troubles and help me work out some of this frustration and tension.

I want someone who will make me smile, either with his presence or through my recollections of whatever we did yesterday, last night or earlier that day.

I want someone to become the focus of my good karma and good intentions, and, occasionally, the not-so-good intentions.

I want someone who will make me want to join the real world.

I want someone who will take me dancing, who will dance with me until my feet hurt, who will exhaust me in many ways.

I want to meet someone who can make me laugh, really laugh, and for whom I will return the favor.

I want to have someone in my life and learn what he likes, dislikes, what makes him happy, what makes him sad and angry and hurt, and how to comfort him and how to love him and how to accept his knowing me that well too.

I want… so many things. And, unless I change something soon, I’m not going to get them.

How do I change?

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