what is MySpace, as written by a teen

I made it through this entire article thinking, “wow, this writer actually gets it,” only to find out at then end that it was written by a teenager:

Leland Earls is a senior at Big Sky High School.

Missoula teenagers make connections on Net with MySpace
— reported by Missoulian.com


MySpace allows any current user to send personal messages to other users, giving members the opportunity to meet new people as well as the chance to socialize with already established friends.

In addition to unmonitored messaging, many use the program for blogging. Blogging is a relatively new word meaning “online journal.” Members can post “blogs” about anything and everything.


The average user gets dozens of “hits” per day, giving every account holder the opportunity to share their opinions, their experiences and their lives with anyone who cares to visit.

Others take advantage of MySpace’s heavy online traffic by posting their bands, films and other personal projects in order to promote media in an easy-to-use Web page format.

MySpace began as a method of promotion for up-and-coming bands, and eventually turned into a personal networking site. Now bands that never had the opportunity to broaden their listening audience can spread their music to every corner of the Earth without ever signing onto a label.


The recent murder of a 14-year-old girl was traced back to MySpace, causing many to be skeptical of the so-called “detached” nature of Internet relations that draws so many Americans to blogging sites like MySpace.

Crawford has been using MySpace for months to stay in touch with friends.

“You are the one that controls the safety, not the site,” she said. “Since it is a site where a lot of people of ranging ages can communicate, I think it is as safe as it can be.”


Whether messaging a new friend, writing a blog or posting your band’s next hit single, MySpace caters to everyone who wants to say something to the world. With 60 million members and counting, MySpace is the most popular and fastest growing site on the Net.

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