what is the future of employee communications?

For Your Approval gives us four key factors for the future of employee communications:

  1. The future is fragmented.
  2. The future works in all directions.
  3. The future is truthful.
  4. The future is full of unlimited opportunity.

So, what do we need to succeed?

To succeed, we need what we’ve always needed — a sound set of values and principles … the intelligence to understand and interpret the needs of our organizations….and an ability to know our employee audiences – what they think, how they feel, and how we can effectively reach them. The future is different only in the fact that there will be many more ways to reach them than ever before – and even more ways for them to respond, positively or negatively, to what we do.

I don’t do a lot of employee communications in my current projects, but I do agree with this. Good communications is good communications, regardless of the amoung of channels or delivery vehicles there are to push out the information.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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  1. I suppose an employee looks for two things in an organisation: learning and pay package. If you give both, you get a happy employee; you give one and you can sustain your employee at least for some time.

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