what makes a horrible ecommerce site?

I found this at SitePoint. It’s a 10-point list of things not to do if you want a successful ecommerce site. Here’s the short list.

10 Easy Steps to a Horrible Ecommerce Site

  1. Use your Ecommerce Software’s Default Layout
  2. Don’t use Thumbnails
  3. Don’t optimize your Images in Photoshop
  4. Don’t smooth the Checkout Process
  5. Ignore the Market you’re “Targeting”
  6. Don’t add an SSL Certificate
  7. Don’t add Terms of Use, Privacy, or Conditions of Sale Statements
  8. Completely leave out Product Descriptions
  9. Add Flash. Lots of it. Throw in some Java, too.
  10. Never post your Address or Phone Number

It’s good stuff. I recommend that you read the real thing to get the details.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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