where does Houston rank in driving?

Laredo best, Dallas worst in Texas for driving
Houston ranks 163rd among 200 cities, with drivers averaging a crash every eight years
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Who would have thought it? Laredo, a historically wild and woolly border town just across the Rio Grande from a continuing drug war, is the safest city in Texas to drive in. And fellow border cities Brownsville and El Paso are right up there.

At the other end of the risk pool, you’re more likely to have a collision in Dallas than any other Texas city. Its suburbs of Carrollton, Grand Prairie, Garland, Irving and Mesquite are almost as bad.

Or so says Allstate Insurance Co., whose 2006 report on “America’s Best Drivers” is at least a conversation-starter.


Houston, where the average span of crash-free driving was eight years, ranked 163rd among the 200, but fifth among the biggest cities, beating out Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.


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