why is email so popular?

In “The Good In Email (or Why Email Is Still The Most Adopted Collaboration Tool)” the writers at Central Desktop hit it on target:

Email as a collaboration tool sucks. Everyone knows this. Everyone says it. Everyone writes about it.

And everyone agrees that its inefficient, it’s chaotic, its silo’ed and its full of spam. Yet, in spite of these shortcomings, we can assume with confidence that email is still the preferred method of ‘collaborating’ and sharing information with others.


  • Email is Easy To Understand
  • Email is Universal
  • Email is Accessible from Anywhere
  • Email Can Be Personalized
  • Email is Manageable/Configurable
  • Email is Searchable
  • Email is In Your Face
  • Email Just Works

Found via LifeHacker.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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