why the Houston Chronicle dropped La Cucaracha (updated)

The Houston Chronicle’s James Campbell blogs about why the paper recently dropped the syndicated comic La Cucaracha:


    Dear Mr. Jimenez,

    I appreciate your inquiry regarding the Chronicle’s rationale for removing the comic strip La Cucaracha. In discussing the matter with our Features Department editors, I learned that the strip was frequently inappropriate for a family newspaper.

    We often had to call the syndicate editor and request that the strip be modified or that they send a substitute strip because we deemed the language offensive not only to some Chronicle readers generally, but Latinos as well.

    The Chronicle is keenly aware of the city’s Latino population. We offer several Spanish language publications – written and edited by Latino editors and reporters – that specifically target the community. An archive search also would reveal that Chronicle reporting on immigration rights and other issues important to the Latino community locally and in Latin America, has been both vigorous and sensitive.

    We also publish the comic strip Baldo, a strip that features Latino characters and topics. While Baldo is not often politically-pointed, its writer Hector Cantu and artist Carlos Castellanos, will occasionally drive into the fray with clever commentary on the subject of immigration rights and other social and economics issues that interest the Latino community.

    Finally, we would be more than happy to entertain any suggestions for other Latino-based comic strips we could publish. But please know that the politics and commentary in La Cucaracha had absolutely no bearing on our decision to remove it.

From the blogosphere, on this topic:

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