will the Astrodome makeover be cancelled?

Astrodome plan could be doomed
Rodeo officials and Houston Texans say no to the $450 million makeover

— Houston Chronicle2

The $450 million plan to reinvent the Reliant Astrodome as an
upscale convention hotel may have hit a wall Tuesday when the Texans
and Houston rodeo officials came out against it.

The Texans and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo’s contracts may
give them veto power over new development at Reliant Park. Also, a
letter of intent signed by the county and Astrodome Redevelopment Corp.
requires the company to get the Texans and the rodeo to sign off on the

An official with the Harris County Sports and Convention Corp.,
which oversees operations at Reliant Park, said Tuesday that the county
attorney’s office was researching that provision.


2 = article may expire in a few weeks

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