working from home on a rain day

The amazing thing about technology is that, when it works, it can actually help you do your job.

Since I live in the Southeast Houston area, going in to work today just was not going to happen. Thankfully, my bosses declared a rain day and told everyone to stay home.

That doesn’t mean that I got the day off. Thanks to server technology, I can access my office PC from my laptop at home. I’ve been checking my email, faxing open and closing updates to media, and phoning clients and staff.

Work continues.

Rain days in Houston, for those of us with public service clients, means work. It means letting customers know what services are available, when they will be available again, and whether or not our buildings have been damaged.

Tomorrow, or the day after, I will start working with my clients who offer services for recovery, pitching stories to the media. And, hopefully, using pre-established communications channels to talk to customers about what we can do for them.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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