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A friend of mine sent me the links to these two articles because she know I’ve been fairly miserable at my job since all the “reorganization” started:

The part I found helpful:

If you think you are a victim of workplace abuse, what can you do?

  1. Get out. Things will never change, so the sooner you get a new job, the better.
  2. Educate yourself. Try to identify the type of abuser you are dealing with and get as much information about that personality type as possible. This will help you deal with the situation until you can leave.
  3. Keep records of everything. Save e-mails and voice mails. Write down incidents in a date book. Cell phones are handy for recording and photographing documentation.
  4. Know your rights. Contact your professional association or a lawyer to find out your rights as an employee of your company. Then you must weigh your options on whether you feel the situation is worth fighting legally.
  5. Develop a social network. Focusing on events outside of work is important to help you regain some balance in your life.
  6. Consider therapy. Consult a professional to get you through this dark period and help you regain your self-esteem.

I’ve got to give this some serious thought.

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