My manager from my moonlighting gig is quitting and the company is bringing in a new manager. I’ve met the new manager, worked with her for a couple of days. She seems nice enough. Competent. Capable. Pushy.

New Manager has already told me that I’ve had a bad week. Never mind that I almost hit my quota on my very first week working and that the second week of employment I was out sick most of the time. Never mind that I’m still not at 100% and that’s probably why I’m not doing well. Never mind that she’s been giving me the lead list, list of people to call, and she’s been choosing those lists of people who have never donated and never bought tickets to the symphony. Oh yeah, they’re going to donate.

I can pretty much tell that my days are numbered at this point.

Oh well. I’ll tough it out as long as I can. The idea is to get as many hours as I can before they send me packing. I haven’t really had any luck finding an alternate part-time job, so I have to rely on this one until further notice.

I contacted this placement agency that contracts web work about a job that was posted. I got one of those ‘thank you for your interest but’ emails back. The contact suggested that I give him a call even though there isn’t anything ‘matching my talents’. Maybe I’ll go ahead and do that.

I have to admit that I didn’t really think that I had a chance with that job. I have no formal web training and I’m not even a designer. I think that I do good work. And my loyal friends agree, mostly to keep me from pouting I’m sure. All kidding aside, though, I think that I have potential when it comes to this medium. I just need an opportunity to better develop my potential.

Do I sound like a bad PSA yet?

I’ve applied for several receptionist positions for weekend offices. You know, real estate places, quickie loan firms, etc., etc., etc. No luck yet. A friend of mine suggested that maybe I haven’t had any responses because the hiring personnel know that this wouldn’t be my primary concern. I don’t know if she has a point or not. All I know is that nobody will hire me.

I’m gonna start taking this personally.

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