worst hurricane moment

My worst moments of the whole Hurricane Rita experience came Friday morning. I fell asleep with the television on on Thursday night, something I do often at home. I was groggy, waking up on Friday morning when I clearly heard the newscaster report about a bus carrying elderly passengers from a nursing home, being evacuated to Dallas, which had caught fire and caused at least 20 deaths.

It would be long minutes before they announced that the bus was from Bellaire. When that did happen, I gave a sigh of relief. That meant it wasn’t carrying my father.

Here’s some news coverage on the crash:

Bus firm accused of endangering elderly
State received complaints 3 years before fiery accident
— reported by KHOU CBS Channel 11

The South Texas tour company whose bus was involved in a fiery accident that killed 23 nursing home patients last week has been accused of endangering elderly passengers before, according to documents obtained Wednesday by The Dallas Morning News.

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  1. KHOU CBS Channel 11 requires a free registration.

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