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I know many people are cutting back on expenses in this very bad economy. I’m doing it myself. However, experts recommend that you may still need to take a vacation… just make it low-key. Consider a “staycation” or “breakation.”

According to the Mom Houston blog of the Houston Chronicle:

According to Expedia 2009, Americans are vacation deprived. About one third of US adults (34%) do not take the vacation days we receive each year. About 37% report regularly working more than 40 hours per week. Thirty percent of Americans have trouble coping with stress from work at some point during their vacation. What has happened to us? We are reporting more stress, anger, and hostility at work, yet we are so worried that if we get away we could possibly come back to job.

They go on to add reasons why you should take a vacation. The ones that spoke to me:

1. Vacations promote creativity. When you are away you have time to think, without the pressure of getting work done.

3. Vacations help us feel less stressed; therefore, we express ourselves with less anger, irritability, and hostility. Communication improves when we aren’t feeling stressed.

5. Vacations can help cure or postpone job burnout. Many times, absence from your job really can make your heart grow fonder of your job.

For ideas on staycations, and more reasons to take one, check out the post.

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